Free Yourself From Yourself


Free Yourself From Yourself
by Tim Stewart
"The Addiction Rehab Coach"

Free Yourself From Yourself (FYFY) is a personal story and  proven success program for addiction recovery, firmly grounded on the knowledge, understanding and application of Spiritual Principles:


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Free Yourself From Yourself Book


Discovering the proven processes by which we master our lives, overcoming active addiction one day at a time.
Human Functionality

Human Functionality

Before a mechanic can repair a car, they MUST first know how the car operates.  As human beings, like anything else that operates successfully, we have a very specific method of functionality:           THINK, FEEL and ACT.

Spiritual Principles

Spiritual Principles

Spiritual Principles are foundational, fundamental laws that guide the human mind, will and emotions to live in harmony with all of creation within our universe. With honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, we are well on our way to recovery.

Character Counts

Character Counts!

Character is made up of those values and beliefs that give our lives depth, direction and meaning. Character is revealed in the smallest of actions. We commit character assassination every time we choose to violate what we know is right.

Discover Your Gift

Discovering Your Gift

Gift – the  inherit capacity to fulfill a function that meets a need in creation. Everyone is sent to earth for a purpose with gifts trapped on the inside and once discovered our lives take on a new meaning.

Power of Attitude

Power of Attitude

Attitude is a product of our belief system, a manifestation of our personal philosophies and determines our limitations in life. Recovery from active addiction requires a a different attitude that must be trained, channeled and nurtured. 

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

As humans we are creatures of habit. With this in mind, we must understand that we do not necessarily determine our future. We decide our habits and our habits dictate our future. Our decisions are the meat of our daily diet and determine our habits.

FYFY Books


Free Yourself From Yourself (FYFY) is a book and program about learning how to live a life free from active addiction. FYFY is not about a specific type of addiction as they all have the same foundation, our thinking, which must be our primary focus for recovery. 

When we discover our purpose, which is discovered simultaneously when we discover our gift, this gives our lives meaning and value. Therefore, we don’t have the need to find fulfillment in life by creating destructive habits like addition to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, the list just goes on and on, but the “root cause” is the same for all of these.

With the understanding and application of Spiritual Principles discussed in this book, we free ourselves from ourselves when we release the gift trapped inside of us put there by our CREATOR. Everything in creation was created for greatness that is achieved by the release or delivery of our GIFT. Un-trapping our gift, the inherent capacity to fulfill a function that meets a need in creation, gives us our purpose for being on the planet; we all landed here on this planet to fulfill purpose. 




Hello, my name is Timothy Stewart aka TalkManTalk, “The Addition Rehab Coach”. 

At the age of 40 years old, I found myself homeless, hopeless and penniless. I had 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts and about $8 dollars in my pocket. I had been in the Air Force, attended NYU, worked for IBM and UPS, spent a number of years in corporate America, yet I was a very broken human being. I was spiritually, emotionally and physically bankrupt. I felt broken, was in despair and felt like giving up on life.

Today I speak to inspire, motivate and educate as a speaker, author, and life coach. I have found my purpose, my gift and my passion is now helping others do the same, overcoming dysfunctional behavior and learning how to live the higher quality of life our CREATOR meant for us to live from the day we were born.

Timothy Stewart


Please Share Your Testimonial….

“As a recovering addict, I found this book really useful. The twelve principles gave me a deeper context for understanding the why and how behind recovery. I also like Tim’s down-to-earth writing style. I felt like he was (and is) in my corner. My journey isn’t over, but I feel better equipped to handle the ups and downs now. I hope to meet and work with Tim personally someday. I feel like he’d be a great coach.”

Mark C.

“Tim's writing style is very well suited to the task. He gives just enough information to encourage the reader to think and apply the ideas to the exercises, which I felt were the real point of the book. He is neither high-falutin' nor excessively folksy. I thought his ability to keep to the point was admirable, in fact, he gives personal information but always manages to turn it to something the reader can use, something universal.”

Anne C.

“I think this book will not only be useful to those in recovery, but also to the family members of those in recovery. Although I PERSONALLY have not had the experience, my brother has; he is recovering too, and now has eleven years clean and sober.  And so much of Tim's story is parallel to his. Many trips through rehab before it finally stuck, and getting to his ‘rock bottom’ was not pretty! Tim breaks all of this down in an easy-to-understand way, and I am gaining a lot of new knowledge from it. So many of the people I know in recovery have tried in so many ways to help me better understand their experiences, and they have not been able to find the right words—other than saying that it profoundly changed their lives. But Tim's words showed me what I needed to understand.”

Randy D.

“Completely enthralling.”

Leslie J.

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