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The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.

Free Yourself From Yourself

Tim Stewart’s book “Free Yourself From Yourself” is a personal story and proven program of success to inner peace and addiction recovery, firmly grounded on the knowledge, understanding, & application of Spiritual Principles. 

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FyFy is a well-established brand and movement that promotes healthy habits, empowering us to lead a well-balanced lifestyle that’s centered around morality, integrity, and personal growth. Our mission and our products target men and women, boys and girls, from all walks of life whose lives center around fundamental laws that guide decision-making processes, without compromising on your comfort or well-being. 

TMT Personal & Business Coaching

As a life coach, I can certainly identify with that feeling of hopelessness, degradation and dereliction. I know how desperate addiction feels and how void life can feel without spirituality. 


I understand your pain, anxiety, depression and desire to find the good in life. 


My daily meditations, videos, blogs and social media connections are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage you for everyday life. 


What I learned absolutely changed my life and today I am a homeowner, a husband, a business owner, a motivational speaker, life coach, visionary and I have a successful career. 

fyfy visual aids for your school

Prevention is an ongoing methodology that holds individuals accountable for their actions, behaviors and daily decisions. 

Keeping a daily visual reminder posted throughout campus to remind students of the principles of prevention. 

Allowing staff the opportunity to have a visual representation for coaching students in real-time. 

TMT Community Development

What are the issues impacting your community specifically? Let’s get down to the bottom of how you’re personally impacted by some of the challenges of today’s society. Every region, community, and government is different. In my experience. I’ve seen some areas more impacted by the opioid epidemic than others. What’s going to be most productive is sitting down together to discuss the issues that are impacting you and your community specifically. 

By taking a solution-based approach, we can begin to cultivate the perfect plan on how to integrate the 12 Principles to Inner Peace within your specific community and it all starts with you. You are how change begins! 


We are bold to handle circumstances and challenges. We handle each of our services with much confidence; an act that makes us deliver nothing short of the best in the business.


Here at TalkManTalk Publishing, Inc., we always keep the passion for our work burning. We are dogged to ensure a win-win situation for our organization, the communities, and clients we serve.


We always strive to perform the right thing. We are proactive and put others' needs first.


We are flexible and do adapt to every situation presented to us. As much as we create the right atmosphere to work, we also flow with the tides.

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