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Free Yourself From Yourself readers are people dealing with everyday life issues, situations and problems like addiction, weight control or in financial despair. Those whom may also benefit from the message and information in this book are those seeking career advancement, on the job training programs, students attending high schools, technical colleges, undergraduate and liberal arts colleges, credit repair program enrollees,

FYFY also provides clear and concise directives for advancement for those individuals in direct sales associations like Tupperware and Mary Kay as independent business owners, career counseling center attendees, non-profits that serve neighborhoods in transition, parts of the education for non-profits that serve at-risk populations, detention centers and prison inmates, homeless shelter residents and even for entrepreneurial start-up programs.

The Free Yourself From Yourself book and 8 Step Training Programs target a wide range of demographics including people who are searching for answers of how to overcome the fear and pain of remaining the same or those who are determined to be successful even if they have not yet experienced a major setback in life.

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